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PROject proJECT was two art events that happened in 2011 and 2012. Both events took place in the streets of downtown Roanoke, Va. Both events were a collaborative effort, with about a dozen artists participating in the first one, and about two dozen in the second one. Both events received much media attention and promotion, and were well attended. PROject proJECT 2011 received a grant from the Roanoke Arts Council, and PROject proJECT 2012 received generous support from the Taubman Museum of Art, and Community High School of Arts and Academics.

PROject proJECT was a collaborative effort, but initially it was Matt Ames’ idea. He describes his motivation …

“My brother and I always saw the Asteroids video game in Dorothy Gillespie’s mural on 2nd street in Roanoke. We’d discuss ways to attach the little asteroid ship in the middle of the mural with a few shots coming out of its gun. Another local artist told me that it sounded like I wanted to “deface public art”. I’d never thought of it that way but eventually the idea of projecting onto the mural sounded more appealing, and possibly easier, than gluing a giant Asteroids ship to a mural in the middle of the night. So, I started to shop the idea around a bit with Tiffany from the Unicorn Stables and Simon from Community High School. Eventually, we got a really solid team of around a dozen artists together to work on what we decided to call PROject proJECT. On July 22nd we plan on an evening of interactive projections, video game projections, old films, projections onto smoke, light suits and more. The event will be held along Kirk Avenue, starting at the Shadowbox and then running through several alleys and ending in front of Dorothy Gillespie’s mural on 2nd street.”

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PROject proJECT 2011

Co-organizers for PROject proJECT 2011 were Matt Ames, Tif Robinette, Christine Carr, and Ralph Eaton.

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PROject proJECT 2012

Co-organizers for PROject proJECT 2012 were Matt Ames, Tif Robinette, and Ralph Eaton.

Here is a list of artists participating in PROject proJECT 2012.

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