Restuffed Animals

Restuffed Animals is a series made circa 2008-2010. As the title suggests, ordinary stuffed animals have been cut open, the stuffing removed, restuffed with junk, and the opening resewn. The junk used for refilling the pieces is mostly an assortment of metal debris. When a piece is picked up, expectations of a soft and cuddly plush toy are thwarted by the excessive weight and rough texture underneath the fur. The pieces are about things not being what they appear to be.

Blue Bear with 32 lbsBlue Bear with 32 lbs

White Bear with 47 lbsWhite Bear with 47 lbs

Unicorn with 33 lbsUnicorn with 33 lbs

Red Bear with 30 lbsRed Bear with 30 lbs

Brown Bear with 25 lbsBrown Bear with 25 lbs

Brown Bear with 23 lbsBrown Bear with 23 lbs

Brown Bear with 10 lbsBrown Bear with 10 lbs

Brown Bear with 8 lbsBrown Bear with 8 lbs

Brown Bear with 7 lbsBrown Bear with 7 lbs