The Holyland Church of Sacred Retardation was an interdisciplinary collaborative project with artist Brett Waller. Our Holyland monikers were Rev. Ralph and Dr. Brett. The project spanned 1988 to 1991, and our base of operations was located in the Mount Washington neighborhood of Los Angeles. We used the name Holyland as a title for our art project, our business, and our home/office/church/museum. The Holyland was modeled after the Church of the Sub-Genius, and was greatly influenced by Voodoo Village. The Holyland was a mashup and absurdist critique of pop culture and religion. We worshiped the two headed god Jesus/Elvis and sacred retardation. Holyland USA was the home of the Elvis Head. We had church services every Sunday at sundown. We went out with a bang on March 31, 1991.

Holyland last supper copy

Holyland Last Supper
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Holyland bumper sticker

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Holyland business card

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Rev. Ralph’s credentials

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Elvis Head at the Holyland

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Elvis Head Saga in Wall Street Journal

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