Gimpy Glimpses

Gimpy Glimpses is a series of computer manipulated images made between 2008 and 2010. The title of the series alludes the project’s process and goal. Gimpy refers to GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program, the application software used to create the images. Glimpses refers to catching a glimpse of the Real. Jacques Lacan’s concept of the Real, as distinct from reality, is the state of experiencing consciousness beyond the interpretive filter of language, thus revealing raw ontology. I think that ineffable state of consciousness is a fascinating place to visit. Furthermore, I think that the Real best describes the altered state of consciousness that one can catch a glimpse of under the spell of psychedelics.

The source material for this artwork comes from a variety of images, such as junk mail, products packaging, other artwork, personal photos, comic books, a phone book, and other mundane imagery.

Gimpy Glimpses is an exemplary sample of my ongoing strategy of what I call making the familiar unfamiliar. I still make Gimpy Glimpses from time to time.