Endless Suture Project

Endless Suture is a series of sculptures made between 1999 (in Los Angeles) and 2005 (in Roanoke). Chronologically this work comes after the Cured Teddy Bear series. After a hiatus from production of my own artwork, I gave myself a fresh start that included rethinking my art practice with an emphasis on concept, meaning, and interpretation. The Endless Suture Project is manifested as a sculpture and a series of notes, aka Fuzzy Notes, articulating ideas explored in the work.

Endless Suture Project

Endless Suture contents list

endless suture

Endless Suture In My Home

Endless Suture at the 2008 Marginal Arts Festival

The Endless Suture sculpture was installed in the window of Community High School of Arts and Academics for the first Marginal Arts Festival in February 2008. It remained on display for about a month beyond the weekend festival. Over the course of the exhibition the sculpture was periodically moved around, so that the display was morphing into various configurations. At the beginning of the exhibition, all of the sculpture was piled high into the corner, then piece by piece it began to move out of the pile and was hung across the length of the window. During the last couple of weeks it was arranged on chairs, like seated figures.

Endless Suture at Wilson Hughes Gallery

Endless Suture was exhibited at Wilson Hughes Gallery for The Unknown, a group show in November 2008. For the opening of the exhibition I did a performance with the piece, in which I made a suit out of the same fluorescent yellow faux fur material, and put myself into the pile of sculpture, and wrestled with it throughout the opening. The title of the performance was Endless Suture/Wrestling with Desire.