Cured Teddy Bears

Cured Teddy Bears is a series of sculptures made in Los Angeles circa 1993 to 1995. The title of the series refers to curing the teddy bears of their cuteness. It was a therapeutic project, a reaction to the overload of cuteness represented in many of the Rose Parade floats that I was working on at the time. I made hundreds of these pieces, and they were displayed throughout the JunkFarm.

#1 CTB with inside out face

Cured Teddy Bear (with inside out face)

#2 CTB sacred clown

Cured Teddy Bear (sacred clown)

#3 CTB tin foil

Cured Teddy Bear (tin foil)

#4 CTB decayed and damaged

Cured Teddy Bear (decayed and damaged)

#5 CTB with too many arms

Cured Teddy Bear (with too many arms)

#6 CTB excited baby

Cured Teddy Bear (excited baby)

#7 CTB indecent exposure

Cured Teddy Bear (indecent exposure)

#8 CTB afraid

Cured Teddy Bear (afraid)

#9 CTB hammer head

Cured Teddy Bear (hammer head)

#10 CTB snotty

Cured Teddy Bear (snotty)