Collab Fest

Collab Fest is a series of events that I co-produced with Jim Leftwich. Here is the general description of the events …

Collab Fest is a bi-weekly multi-media (and intermedia) event that provides an alternative to the customary experience of the gallery visitor. Rather than passively participating as mere visual spectators, the viewers become active contributors to the overall experience. Collaborative works are displayed and new works are created during the events. Activities and exhibits include collage, performance, painting, sound poetry, stencils, sculpture, dance, installation, event scores, video, visual poetry, music, film and conversation (ideally all at once). You are invited to bring whatever you are working on and enter it into the mix. Collab Fest invites and advocates experimentation and improvisation.

Here is a detailed history of Collab Fest by Jim Leftwich.

Here is a collection of photo documentation of all of the Collab Fests archived by Jim Leftwich.

Collab Fest videos by Matt Ames